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Caring for Kids and Families
Therapy Session
Teenage Group

• Primary Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Services

• Short-Term Substance Abuse Rehab Program

• Specialized Groups & Individual Counseling to     Address the specific needs of the youth

• Cultural, Spiritual & Educational Opportunities

• Helping Trauma Survivors

•Guiding youth to sexual safety

• Anger Management Group Work

• Re-Socialization Opportunities available at School and in the Community

• Guiding youth to sexual safety

• Specialized Groups and    Individual Counseling to Address the Specific Needs of the Youth

• Cultural, Spiritual & Educational Opportunities

  • Person Centered Treatment Planning

  • Person focused 24/7 service delivery

  • Evidence based case management services

  • 24/7 crisis management

  • Weekly skill building groups

Mission Statement


Connecting youth and families with opportunities for healthier and brighter futures.

The Our Home, Inc. programs offers a comprehensive continuum of residential treatment to youth with varying and unique needs. While the Our Home, Inc. programs operate as separate treatment centers, they are united through a board of directors, common administrative and clinical staff and common policies.

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