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The residents of Our Home are involved with several activities in the communities. Some are volunteer activities and others the residents receive payment for their work. The money that they receive goes to their group fund and that is used to pay for special events such as bowling, movies, ballgames, etc.

  • Pyle House Museum 

  • Humane Society 

  • Back Pack Program 

  • Nursing Home Visits/Bingo 

  • Halloween Carnival 

  • Ditch Walking/Adopt a Highway 

  • Old Fashion Saturday Night 

  • United Way 

  • Food Bank 

  • Impact Lives 

  • Santa Clause Day

Volunteer Services

Community Services

  • Raking Spring/Fall 

  • Melon Picking

  • State Fair

  • Rock Picking 

  • Shoveling

  • Mowing 

  • Light Moving


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