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Huron PRTF Treatment

Huron PRTF serves males between the age of 10 and 17 who have legal, school or family concerns. Huron PRTF also specializes in youth who have demonstrated some type of sexually aggressive or sexually abusive behavior towards others.


The length of stay ranges from 6-18 months. The program works with youth to develop healthier attitudes and coping skills for the behaviors that caused the need(s) for treatment. The sexual adjustment treatment program focuses on reducing the risk of re-offense and to have each youth learn to understand and manager their sexual abusive behavior. A multidisciplinary treatment team works with each youth every 30 days to identify specific problem areas and develop objectives to assist in progressing through the recovery process.


While using an individual approach, Our Home, Inc. also follows a modality that includes the utilization of a therapeutic group milieu, in which peers become an important part of each youth's daily program, by developing concepts that include respect for self and others, development of healthy relationships, developing and meeting expectations, and responsibility to provide and promote a safe and secure environment. Specific emphasis for sexual adjustment treatment is working on victim empathy, healthy relationships, relapse prevention, denial, techniques to interrupt inappropriate arousal and taking full responsibilities for their offenses.


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