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Parkston Residential Facility

Teenage Group

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center - Parkston serves both female and male adolescents ages 12-17 that have experienced legal, school or family concerns.


The program works with the resident to develop healthier attitudes and coping skills for the behaviors that caused the need(s) for treatment. The Parkston program also works with youth who have experienced chemical use and/or have had their lives impacted by other's chemical use.


The Parkston program has a Chemical Dependency counselor on staff that provides several groups including 12-step programming, an education group, and relapse prevention. These groups are designed to help residents strengthen their recovery program, prepare to enter a recovery program or develop better skills for dealing with peer pressure and other cause of use.

A multidisciplinary treatment team works with the youth and family to design a treatment plan that addresses each youth's individual needs and objectives.


While using an individual approach, Our home, Inc. also emphasizes a modality that includes the utilization of a therapeutic group milieu, in which peers become an important part of each resident's daily program, by developing concepts that include; respect for self and others, development of healthy relationships, developing and meeting expectations, and responsibility to provide and promote a safe and secure environment.

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